Group classes and individual one-on-one sessions

Informed by her dance background, Tamara’s style of yoga is expressed by clean lines, rhythm, balance and playfulness. She teaches a dynamic method of yoga, focusing on correct alignment and the extension of the energy lines that compose a posture and channel energy through the body. She brings internal clarity, creativity and lightheartedness to the experience. Her yoga training includes Jaya Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Tuesday        4:00pm-5:00pm EST

Wednesday  10:00am-11:15am EST

Thursday      5:50pm-6:50pm EST

Saturday       4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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Jaya Yoga

Jaya Yoga is a vinyasa hybrid that integrates the body, breath and heart wisdom. It is influenced by Kriya Yoga, which promotes physical and mental meditation through repetitive movement to bring students into a state of flow, beyond their thoughts. 

Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Therapy 

Yoga Therapy facilitates the release of blocked energy (Prana) in the body through an intense focus on sensation. Using props and assisted poses, students gently move into areas of stiffness, constriction and tightness — sensations they might normally avoid — to release tension and misalignment. Once the blocked energy is released, the flow of energy is restored, and the body will find its way back to its natural healing balance.

Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra

A sleep-based meditation that restores the body, mind and spirit, releases tension and balances the nervous system by inducing a parasympathetic state. Many people say it’s equivalent to getting several hours of sleep. Done in a comfortable reclining posture, like savasana, it may include setting an intention. 


Tamara approaches massage with a strong yet gentle touch, working intuitively, slowly and precisely to release pain and stagnant energy and improve range of motion. She often focuses on the meridian lines (invisible channels that carry life energy through the body) to release blockages, improve energy flow, and calm the mind.

Custom massage

Tamara understands the need for touch and its healing power. She respects each person’s unique conditions and challenges, personalizing her therapy to meet their specific requirements and to restore function and overall wellness. 

She may use a combination of techniques, including myofascial release, stretching,  manipulation of the muscles with a slow, deliberate gliding form and static pressure to promote healing.

Thai massage

This ancient practice uses rocking, compressions and stretching in a rhythmic fashion. It is a holistic healing approach that brings the body back to homeostasis by focusing on sen lines and marma points located throughout the body. Thai massage is performed on a Thai mat with clients fully clothed in comfortable attire.  

Abhyanga massage

A rhythmic, full body massage with warm Ayurvedic oils that aids lymphatic drainage and arterial circulation. It incorporates the use of marma points, vital energy points for healing. Abhyanga Massage is deeply nourishing, purifying, and relaxing.


Reflexology is a manual technique applied to specific reflex areas, predominantly on the feet. Thus, complex neural pathways are stimulated to link the body’s systems and support optimal function. 

Energy Work:

Energy medicine views disease as an imbalance in the energy pathways — the chakras and meridians. Clearing and balancing these pathways can help manage illness and disease, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and improve sleep.


An ancient healing art, Reiki is based on a Universal Life Force energy that’s channeled into the client for healing and restoration. Based on Universal Love, the energy goes where it’s needed to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal. 

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) comes from the Japanese words Rei, meaning “universal life,” and Ki, meaning “life force energy.” This technique is primarily applied to the 7 main energy centers, or Chakras. It can be performed in a hands-on fashion or with hovering hands.

Hundreds of hospitals across the country have begun to use Reiki as a complementary therapy to help patients focus and maintain a positive outlook, which encourages the body to restore itself naturally.

Intuitive Healing 

This is a hybrid of Reiki, massage and energy work Tamara has developed to help the client connect to their spiritual energy, heighten their consciousness and explore their unrealized potential.

Tamara knows how to read the human body. Born sensitive, she has become attuned to Source, which sharpens her intuition and guides her sense of touch, knowing and feeling.

This intuitive healing helps the client experience a manifestation of pure, divine love — which initiates a commitment to love themselves and others.

Tamara’s connection with Source and her client is the foundation of this mystical experience. As a result, she can help clients release the obstacles that have held them back and blocked their ability to see their true nature.

During the process, Tamara inhales and exhales deeply as she sweeps her hands across the client’s body to clear their physical, subtle and causal body. Whatever is ready to be cleared is what comes up. The process is unpredictable. There is no plan. Depending on the client’s needs, there may be little to no touch or massage. She honors the process and lets it happen. 

Intuition requires us to trust, not to know.